Martha Ballard's Diary, February 1 - 3, 1801

1 1
Clear and pleast. I was Calld to See John Davis al my sons, he apears to have the Symtoms of the near aproach of Death. Doct Cony & Colman were Calld. his Constitucion Seemd So far Spent that he was not able to take medisin. he had Severe Spasms which were relievd by Salt and water only, he revivd a little. Revd mr Stone was invited to See him after meeting. he made a well adopted prayer on the Ocation. I tarried thro the night with the Child, Doct Colman allso. at my Sons to See John who we were aprehensive was near the Close of life.  
2 2
Clear and very Pleast. I left my Sons fore n. Came home, took Care of my business. was Calld again aftern to my sons, find John apparently near the Close of life. Doct Colman there, administring a decoction of the pink beet without affect. I tarried all night, the Father and Doct Colman allso. mrss Saunders Calld to watch. I laid down by ye fire at 11, was Calld on at midnight when an alteration in the patients breathing took place. it was not able to Swallow after that nor had it any great struggle. its life went out as a Candle. at my sons, tarried again this night. I am informd that Dagt Pollard has had trouble with one of her Breasts.  
3 3
Cloudy and Some Snow. John, the Son of J. V. Davis, Expired this morn at 1h 10m. mrss Saunders, Oliv Fletcher and my Self put on the Grave Cloaths, finisht the performance at 3. Doct Colman Conducted me home at 6. I went on the bed and Slept. Mr Ballard went to Colo Duttuns for hay. Bill Cypher went with the Team. at my sons. John Expired at 1h 10m ys morn. Æ 2 years, 7 months & 13 days. he was a promising Child, how oft are our Expectations Cut off.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.