Martha Ballard's Diary, January 23 - 31, 1801

23 6
Clear. Betsy and I washt. I feel not So well as I Could wish. Doct Cony wrode by here. at home.  
24 7
Clear. I feel Some more Comfortable but have a pain in my Stomach. Doct Cony went Past this morn up the road. mr Ballard gone to Parish meeting. Son Lambd Came and Conducted me to his house, his Daugt is unwell. I Spent the night there. at Son Lambard, his Childn unwell.  
25 1
Clear and Cold. the Childn Seem better. mr Ballard Came to son Lambards & we went to son Pollards, find them as well as Could be Expected. we Dind with them. Calld at son Jonas, find his wife Setting up, John very restless. Ephm Came here at 10h Evng. at Sons Pollards, Lambds & Jonas. John been takeing ye Bark.  
26 2
Clear. Betsy washt the N room and her Bedroom. Son Jona Came in and invited me to go to his house. I went, had not been long there before Davis & Doct Colman & Page Came to administer a Dose of Callomel. I returnd home Soon. at home my Sons.  
27 3
Clear. Mr Ballard at Colo Duttuns, Ephm and Betsy to a Sleigh wride, Cyrus to mill. I washt Boards to Cover milk and washt my ketchin. Esqr Davis Came for me to administer Clisters to John. Colman and Page there, mrs Springer allso. I went again at Evng. Oliv Fletcher watched. at my Sons twice. Betsy gone to Sleigh wride.  
28 4
Clear and pleast. mrs Welch took Breakfast here. I finisht removeing my Turnips and did other matters. mrs Conry here, wisht me to go and See Jonas inft, it is not so well as it has been. at my sons. John is not So wrestless as he was.  
29 5
Cloudy, haild at Evn. I have been unwell, knit Some at Evn. little Ephm had ye Ear aick. at home.  
30 6
Clear and pleast. we Bakt, Brewd & Churnd, had 5 lb 10 oz Butter. Ephm & Wilm here. at home. mr Ballard to hook.  
31 7
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard went to parrish meeting. I mended a pair of Breaches for him and helpt do my hous work. we roasted a Loin of Veal for diner. 3 of Jonas Childn dind here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.