Martha Ballard's Diary, January 15 - 22, 1801

15 5
raind. Jane went home. Betsy Cowen Came and helpt me fill my Sausages. Cyrus killd our Calf. I feel fatagued but not Confused. at home.  
16 6
Clear. mr Ballard workt at planing. Cyrus to the hook, bot _lb Tea Calld hyson skin. I have made 24 & _ DOZn Candles. Polly & Sally Farewell here to See Betsy. I do not feel So well as I Could wish ys Evng. at home.  
17 7
Clear. I have been at home, we washt the Buttery & kitchen. I feel very unwell at Evn, but had to go to the Barn to take Care of Cyruses Cow. I bathd my feet and went to bed. Betsy took Kinde Care of me. at home.  
18 1
Clear. mr Ballard walkt to meeting, Slipt down and hurt his sholder again. Son and Dagt Lambd took Supper with us. Bitsy went home at Evng. my husband and I went to Jonas. mrs Conry Sick with ye head aick. at my sons ys Evn.  
19 2
Cloudy. I wrose before day, feel very unwell but had to do my work and bear other troubles. God giv me grace to bear it. Bror Barton & son Ephm sleep here. at home. cyrus bot 2 milk pans & 1 pail.  
20 3
a Severe Snow Storm. I have been at home, was very ill with the Collic at Evn. at home.  
21 4
Slormy. Doct Barton and Ephm here yet. I feel very unwell, Betsy helping me. at home.  
22 5
Clear. Doct Barton & Ephm went from here. Betsy and I have Bakt, Brewed, Churned, Boiled pickele and the Swines feet. I had 4 lb 6 ox. Butter. at home.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.