Martha Ballard's Diary, August 30 - September 3, 1797

30 4
Cloudy morn, Clear after 10h m. I went to See mrss Joy aftern, find her down in her kitchen. Shee Came out of her Chamber yesterday. Shee informs me that Shee has made her Bed this three Days. her infant is finely. mr Ballard has been to the meddow. mary Densmore and Sally, her Cousin, here at Evng. at mr Joys, [find] her well. mary Densmore here ys Evn.  
31 5
Clear Except a Shower. mr Ballard went to the meddow. I have been at home. we Churnd & made a Chees. Cyrus & the girls went to gather blackburys on the hill. at home.  
1 6
Clear. Dagt Lambart and Child Dind here, mrss Davenport allso. Son Jona, his wife and little son Came aftern. a mr Delino from PenobScott Dind, Supt and Sleeps here. mr Gadfray & wife Came at Evn. They went to mr Dingleys to Sleep. Hoit Came home from the meddow. mr Bunker Farewell Expird this night at 10h, very Suden. at home. Son and Dagt Lambart here, he is 25 years old ys day. mr Bunker Farewell Expired.  
2 7
Clear and very pleasant. Dagt Ballard went from here, my Husband attended her. mr Benn Porter here, Dind. Rufas Ballard and Patty Moore Sleep here. I am informd that mr Bunker Farewell Expird last Evn. I have finisht me a Tow Shift and made the boddy of another. at home. Dagt Ballard went from here. Dagt Lambart is 25 years old ys Day.  
3 A
Clear and very pleast. we all attended worship Except Hepsy. Rufas & Patty left here for their own home. the wife of Joseph Stackpole was admited to full Commumon with the Church here. at meeting. the Sacramint of the Super was administred.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.