Martha Ballard's Diary, July 1 - 5, 1797

1 7
Clear and warm. mr Ezekiel Pages house took fire in the roof this foren. I was weting my Cloath and discoverd it. two mr Dingleys, our young men and men on Board 3 Boats ran to their assistance. they Extinguished the fire and returnd. I have been helping do my work, fixing my Cloath to whiten, & weading Some in my Gardin. mrss Mathews & her little Dagt and Lucy Ney here. at home. mr Ezekiel Pages house Caut fire this day, but was fortunalely Saved from Consuming.  
2 A
Clear and warm. our young folks went to Pittstn to Church, mr Ballard and my Self to the fort. the Ordinanc of the Super administred. a young Gentle man, who was a Stranger, Performd. he Deld Two Exelint Discourses. I went to mr Hamlins at intermition. Calld at mr Eadss & Son Pollards aftern. Son & Dagt Lambart and their little Son here after meeting. at meeting.  
3 2
Clear and very warm. I have been at home, tended about 80 yards cloath which I had out to whiten, and houghd Consedarable Part of my Gardin. Bullin here makeing a plan. at home whitening Cloath. rain at night with thunder.  
4 3
X. Birth Magr [Benn] Stickneys Son. XX.
thunder Shours foren. I was Calld at 2h 30m to See the wife of Magr Stickney who was in labour and was Safe Deld at 2h 7m pm of her third Son and 5th Child. I left her and infant Cleverly and returnd home at 4. I receivd 9/ as a reward. at Magr Stickneys. Birth 31st. receivd 9/. mr James Bridg & mrs Hannah North were united by the mariage Covenant.  
5 4
Clear. I houghd Gardin foren and went to See mr Carters infant. it had an ill turn yesterday and Seems weak this day, but not in much pain. Old mrs Smith there. at mr Carters. receivd 15/ for assisting his wife.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.