Martha Ballard's Diary, March 24 - 29, 1797

24 6
Clear forenn, Cloudy aftern. I have been Carding Tow, Polly Catcht a Basket full on fire with the Candle and burnt them. I feel much fatagud. mr Ballard been to Son Jonas, all well. at home. a very rainy night.  
25 7
Clear and pleasant. the freshet rises and the ice wasts fast. I have been making Soap, Carded Some Tow. Hepsy mending old Cloaths. mr Ballard and Cyrus have been f the fort & hook. Ephm here this aftern. at home.  
26 A
Clear. the ice on the river Breaking up. there was no preaching at the fort. I was Calld at 11h foren to see mrs Pilsbury who is Sick with the rash, her husband Sick allso, I watcht and performd Services that were necessary. mr Waid Set with me. the Lady was in a fine persperation the most of the night, but Seemd very ill. at mr Pillsburys, his wife is very Sick, I watcht. the river opend.  
27 2
Snowd and raind. I left mr Pillsburies and went to mr Burtuns, tarried there all night. James has the rash. mrs Holman there. mr Burtun is gone to Boston. Shee and the other Childn are as well as usual. at Ditoes & at mr Burtuns.  
28 3
Snowd and raind Some. I Came from mr Burtuns, left James mending. Came to mr Pillsburys find her very ill, in a kind of Deliriam. her raising had ceast and her mouth very dry, they informd me Shee had been much So thro the night Past, it is my opinion the use of the Bark was in Some measure the Cause. at Ditoes & Ditoes. mrs Pillsbury is very Sick indeed. I walcht, was in at ms Eades.  
29 4
Clear and pleasant. I tarried with mrs Bilsbury till near night and returnd home, left her very ill. old mrs Kenny Came and advised to giv her a Sirrip of vinigar & oinions and a Decoction of Gold thread and Shumake Birries, it was done and Shee Seemd revivd. at Pilsburies.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.