Martha Ballard's Diary, March 19 - 23, 1797

19 A
Clear and pleasant. Cyrus only of my famely attended worship foren, mr Ballard and my Self aftern. Huse left here this morn bound for monmoth. Polly Buterfield to Capt Williamss. mr Ballard, my Self & Cyrus partook of a fine Turkey at Son Lambarts after meeting. Bulah Calld here. Son & Dagt Pollard with their Childn were at Son Lambats. at meeting and at Son Lambarts. Caleb Huse left us.  
20 2
Clear and Cool. mr Ballard Sett out at 9h morn for Monmoth to Survey for a mr Bishop. Mary Buterfield Came here Early this morn. Shee Slept at Son Lambarts last night. Shee has washt for me. mrs Leach has Combd flax for me this Day. Sarah Neal here to warp a web, Shee took Tea with us. Hepsy Brown Came to work here again. at home. mrs Leach Combd flax for me.  
21 3
Clear and Cooler. Bullin Came to make Plans. I have been Carding tow. Polly has Spun 4 Skeins & ironed her Cloaths. Hepsy & I have Done the house work & makeing Soap. at home.  
22 4
X Birth Georg Thomass Son. XX.
Clear Day, Snowd at Evn. I was Calld at 5h pm to See the wife of Georg Thomas, Shee was Safe Deld at 7 of a Son which wd More than the lite side of mr Densmores Stilyards wd weigh. I left my patients as well as Could be Expected and reacht home at 10h 10m. mr Ballard returnd from monmoth this Day. Rheuben Moore here. at mr Densmores. Birth 19 th. recd 2/10 [   ] march30th. Cash 3/2_d  
23 5
Clear and Pleasant. I have been Carding for Polly to Spin and Doing about my Soap. mr Ballard been to ye fort. Bullin went home. Son Ephm Came here, Brot me a quarter Veal, wt 17 lb, a present from Son Lambart. at home. Son Lambart Sent us a quarter Veal.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.