Martha Ballard's Diary, February 7 - 12, 1797

7 3
Clear and pleast. mr Waid workt for us. Son Jona Came and Conducted me to his house after we Dind. mr Dingley here, paid me 12/ for service done for his wife & famely and medisin. I was Calld from my Sons between 10 & 11h Evn to See the wife of Timy Branard. I Should have wrote Rhuben. mr Floid attended me. at Son Jonas & Rhuben Branard.  
8 4
X Birth Rhuben Branards Son. XX.
Clear. mrs Branard was Deld of a fine Son at 6h morn, I left her and infant as well as Could be Expected and returnd to Son Jonas at 9h, find him more Comfortable. he Conducted me home aftern, I was not long there, when he Came and Carried me to See the wife of David Pollard, who Seems unwell. at mr Branards. Birth 8 th. receivd 9/. as Son Jonas and David Pollards.  
9 5
Clear. I have been with mrs Pollard, tarrie this night, Shee Seems not So well as Could be wisht. old mr Pollard went and Conducted her mother and Sister there, and his wife and mrs Black went home. at mr Pollards.  
10 6
rainy. mr Pollard brot me home, I Did my work up. Cyrus went and brot Polly Town here & I was Calld to mrs Pollards again. it was a very rainy night. at Ditoes.  
11 7
rainy. Old mrs Pollard went home. mrs Jones Came to See mrs Pollard. I tarried there this night. at Ditoes.  
12 A
X Birth James Burtuns Son. XX.
Cleard of at Evn. mr Pollard Came to his Sons and Conducted me to his house, I went from there to meeting foren, was Calld at intermition to mrs Burtun who was Delivd at 3h pm of a Fine Son and is Cleverly. I tarried all night. at Ditoes, meeting & mr Burtuns. Birth 9th. I recd 24/ as a reward for Servics Done.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.