Martha Ballard's Diary, May 24 - 29, 1796

24 3
Clear. I have been Planting Seeds, Cape horn pumpkinss Squast & W. meeln. Nabby been washing house, Scouring my puter and Cleaning bed steads. I removd my own into the bedroom. Sally Cocks went from here to her Dads. at home. Sally Cocks went from here. 
25 4
Cleare. my Childn who Dwell in this Town were here Except Ephm, mr & mrs Dingly and mrs Alice Livermr. I planted beens on ye Door yard. Nabby went to visit her friends. at home. my Childn here.  
26 5
Clear. I have been without help ys Day, Done my house work and washt Some raggs & Scourd yarn, Doubled Tow yn for bed tick warp. the men planted Corn on the Entervail and Some on new Ground. at home. Nabby gone.  
27 6
rainy the most of the Day. Nabby returnd at noon. I was calld to See the wife of Josiah Norcross at 6h pm, find her very unwell. I tarried ys night, Slept Some. at Josiah Norcross
28 7
X. Birth Josiah Norcross Dagt. XX.
rainy foren. I was at mr Norcross, his wife Deld at 3h pm of a Dagt. I receivd 8/1_ and returnd home at SunSett. Nabby Jewel left my house and business at the middle of the Day bound for Monmoth, accompanied by mr Allin. I paid her 1/1_ as Shee past mr Norcross. at mr Norcross. Birth 24th. Nabby Jewel left here.  
29 B
Clear. Cyrus and Ebenz went to meeting. mr Calf performd. I went to See mrs Dingly aflern, Shee has been unwell but is more Comfortable. I was informd there that the house of Revd mr Mc Lain was Consumd by fire 23 inst, and a Daughter lost her life in it. at mr Dingleys, his wife is not So well as Shee Could wish.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.