Martha Ballard's Diary, February 13 - 20, 1796

13 7
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard went to mr Stephenss. mr Waid workt here foren, Phillip for him aftern with ye Oxen. I mended a pair Breaches for mr Ballard. at home.  
14 D
Cloudy foren, Snowd aftern and Evn. mr Ballard and Cyrus went to meeting of ye fort. I tarried at home. Ephm Came here after meeting. at home. Ephm here.  
15 2
Snowd till noon. mr Ballard went to ye fort. I have been at home, mended mr Ballards Great Coat and my Self a Gown, and Sewd raggs for Coverled. Cyrus and Phillip got a load of wood. Nabby Did hous work and Spun 1 Skein hoes yarn &C, &C. at home.  
16 3
Clear. mr Ballard went to Capt Molloys, Bot Cloath for Breaches, receivd what James Kenny owd us. I have been at home, Doubled thread & Sewd raggs for Coverled. Nabby Spun 1 Skein hose yn and 1 of Tow. at home. Capt Randals Son Expird ys night.  
17 4
Clear. I helpt wash, have been at home all Day, knitt at Evng. at home.  
18 5
Clear. I went to Son Lambarts at noon, mrss Capin, Dagt Pollard and Pally Easty there. we quillted a Coat after I went. Son Town Came there at Evn, mr Capin allso. Cyrus Conducted him, his wife & Dagt home. mr Ballard & Cyrus attended funeral of Capt Randals Son this after noon. at Son Lambarts. the remains of mr Randal were Commited to the Grave.  
19 6
Clear. mr [sic] Dagt Lambart here. Cyrus went to winthrop, Pally Easty wrode in the Sleigh with him to her uncles. Ephm Came for his Sister, her husbands parents being there. at home. Dagt Lambart here. Cyrus went to winthp
20 7
Clear. I am, this Day, arivd to ye age of 61 years, old Lady Lambt her Son Luke and Barna, his wife, mr Capin and his wife made us a visit. we Spent aftern agreably. at home. Old Lady Lambart here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.