Martha Ballard's Diary, May 24 - 29, 1794

24 7
Clear & warm. Colo Duttuns Lady Calld to See me. I have Planted Cucumrs & Squash and & mellon Seeds. mr Ballard went to mr Wessons. we have plantd Corn. Dolly returnd from mr Hamlins. at home.  
25 E
Clear. Dagt Pollard Dind here. Dolly & Sally went home with her. we had a Legg of Pork, Stuft, & Calvs head & feet to Dine on. at home. Dagt Pollard here.  
26 2
Cloudy. I went to mr Selvesters, bot 6 lb Tamrinds, Cost 6/; 3 lb Cottne @ 3/; & 3 lb Sugar @ 1/. to mr Beamans, Shee is Cleverly. made me a present of 2 qurts of Vinegar. Bot at mr Danys 1 Jugg 1/, one Pott 1/, one Dto /9, 2 pans @ 6d. paid the Cash. at the hook. mrs Holdman here.  
27 3
Cloudy. mr Ballard is gone as an apriser a the Late Gov. Handcoks Lands in this Eastern Country. I have wrote to Bror Jona Collins & Sisters Barton & Waters. at home. wrote Letters to Brors& Sisters.  
28 4
Cloudy. I have been working in my Gardin part of ye Day. the worms do great Damage in it. mr Ballard returnd. Son Town Sleeps here, his Childn unwell. at home. mr Town Sleeps here.  
29 5
Cloudy foren. Son Town went from here. Son Jon as wife here to warp a webb. Ezra Town Came here. I have been at home. Sally is unwell with a Cold. Dolly & Shee wrode to Son Pollards. at home. Ezra Town Came here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.