Martha Ballard's Diary, October 11 - 16, 1793

11 6
Clear, fine Day till near night when a Sea turn Came on. Esqr Ebenz Haild & Lady, & mrs Strattne, Dagt Pollard & mrs Pitts Dind here. Dolly & Sally went to mr Pollards with them. I have been at home. mr Bradbury Sent me 6/ for assisting his wife Febry 13th. at home. Esqr Haild &Lady here, & others.  
12 7
X. Birth mr Dows 3d Dagt. XX.
Cloudy morn, Clear aftn. I was Calld to See mrs Dow who is in Labour at 8h morn. Shee was Delivd of a fine Dagt at 11. I left her Cleverly at 6h Evn, receivd 6/ as a reward. Sally Densmore Sleeps here. Jacky Ballard here. at mr Dows. Birth 41st
13 F
Clear & Cool. Cyrus & Ephm went to meeting at thee hook. Son Jon a Sleeps here. Lucy Doty Came here to work for me. I have been at home. at home. Jona & his Son Sleep here.  
14 2
Clear & very pleast. mr Burtun & wife, mr Craig, mrs Hamlin and mr Aler Belcher, Dagt Pollard & mrs Pitts took Tea here. I have been at home. Cyrus Bot at Cars 1 qt Brandy @ 2/2, 1 lb Sugar /10, Doz Bisquit /8. paid. at home, had Company. mr Hodges house was raisd ys Day.  
15 3
Clear till near Sun Sett when it began to rain. Cyrus Bot at vessel 3_ lb Cod fish, 2 bunches oinions. cost 1/2_. mrs Wickson & Becky Hardin took Tea here. I have been at home. at home. mrs Wickson here. Snowd ys night.  
16 4
Clear. I was Calld to James Moores, his wife unwell. mrs Tylar and mrs Welman there all night. at James Moores.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.