Martha Ballard's Diary, July 2 - 7, 1793

2 3
Clear & warm. mr Ballard went to Leut H. Learneds. I was to See mrs Densmore, Shee has Canker in her throat & is very unwell. Dolly went to Son Pollards. mr Beadle is Some beller. at mr Densmores, Shee is very unwell.  
3 4
X. Birth Capt Neys Son. XX.
Clear & very warm. I was Calld at 8h morn to See Capt Neys Lady who was in Labour. Shee was Safe Deld at 10 of a very fine Son. mrs Cox, Cleark, Hinkly, Pilsbiry & Sherburn were assistants. we tarried till near Sun Sett when we left my Patients Cleverly. I receivd 6/ as a reward. mr Ballard is returnd. I went to See mrs Densmore, find her Easier. at Capt Neys & mr Densmrs. Birth 33d. mrs Neys 9th Child.  
4 5
Clear. mr Ballard went to Sidny. I have been at home. mrss Hinkley Calld here. Cyrus Sleeps here. I am informd that Hannah is Sick. at home.  
5 6
Clear & very warm. I went to Son Pollards, find my Dagt very unwell. Shee was more Comfortable when I left her at Evn. Dolly workt at mr Dumers. mrs Livermr Calld in here at Evn. at Son Pollards. Cyrus Sleeps here.  
6 7
Clear & warm. I was Calld to See mrs mc Neall at mr Kenedys. mrs Fairbank & Lambrt here. I went aftern to See mrs Greelys infan, it is better than it was. Dolly went to Son Pollards, Hannah is much Better. at mr mc Neels & Greelys. Cyrus Sleeps here.  
7 F
Clear & warm. mr Ballard & Cyrus Attended worship, mr Turner performd. Shubl Pitts & wife & Dagt Pollard & Son Jona Drank Tea here. Sally went to her Dads. I have been at home. at home, my Childn here.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.