Martha Ballard's Diary, June 6 - 13, 1793

6 5
raind this morn. I have been at home doing house work & Combd flax. at [home].  
7 6
Clear. mr Child Came here for me to go & See his wife. I walkt there, find her Confind to her Bed. was Calld from there to Saml Norcross, his wife in Labour. at mr Childs & Norcros.  
8 7
X. Birth Saml Norcross Dagt. XX.
Clear Except a lite Shower. mrs Norcross was Safe Delivd at the 11th h foren of a Daugt. I tarried with her till 8h Evn whin I left her & infant Some what Comfortable. I receivd 6/ as a reward. this is mrs Norcrss 8th Child, 4 of Each Sex. at mr Norcross. Birth 28th. Dolly Came home from mr Densmrs.  
9 F
Clear. I went to See mrs Child, mrss Pollard there. we helpt her out of Bed & Shee Sett in her Chair 2 hours. I administred a Clistar which opperated kindly & gave great relief. I Calld at mr Westons, Pitts & Son Pollards, find them all well. at mr Childs
10 2
Clear Except a Shower. mr Ballard went to Varsalboro to Survey. mr John Church & Jason Cony here. I have been at home. at home. Dolly to mr Pages.  
11 3
Clear & very warm. mrs Oliv Hamlin here to have a goun made. Dolly returnd at 12 O Clok. I have been at home. mrs Densmr & Sewall Calld here. at home. Oliv Hamlin here. mr Moores Son Drownd.  
12 4
Clear & very warm. I was Calld at 9h to See the wife of Henery mc Causland who is in Labour. I was there all night. at Henry mc Causlands. [Jery] mooreinterd.  
13 5
X. Birth Henry mc Causlands Son. XX.
Clear & warm. I was at mr mc Causlands, his wifes illness increast about 4h morn. her women were Calld and Shee was Safe Delivd of a Son at 6th h. I relurnd home at noon. recevd 6/ as a reward. I went to See mr Parkers [inft]. at Ditoes. Birth 29th.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.