Martha Ballard's Diary, March 10 - 19, 1793

10 F
Clear & Cold. mr I. Savage, Esqr Mathew Howard & Shubal Pitts here. Dolly went to mr Pollards aftern. I have been at home. at home.  
11 2
A rainy Day. Capt Stackpole here. mr Ballard went to Winslow. I have been at home till 11h Evng when I was Calld to See Leut D. Pollards wife. at home mr Pollards.  
12 3
X. Birth David Pollards Son. XX.
Clear & Pleast. I was at mr Pollards, his wife was Deld at 11h Evn of a Son. mrss Voce, Williams, Hamlin & Black assisted. mrs Gordin had fitts. mr Ballard returnd from winslow. at Ditoes. Birth 11th. receivd 6 as a reward
13 4
Clear. I went to See mrs Gordin, find her very unwell. mrss Thomas & Hersey Came to mr Pollards. I returnd home at noone. Jedh Preskott Dind here. mr Waid here to work. mr Ballard gone to Winlhp. mrss Livermore & Polly here on a visit. at Ditoes.  
14 5
Clear. mr Ballard Carried little Jacky home foren, brot Dolly here, went to Winthrop aftern. mr Benn Brown & his wife here, took Tea with me. I have been at home. Cyrus bot me 1/2 lb snuff at mr Smiths Store, Cost 1/6. at home. Dolly Came here. mr Benn Browns wife here.  
15 6
Clear, the wind S W. I have been at ["home". -.implied] mrs Barton & Dolly washt. the Calf Damaged a Laun Handkerchif of of [sic] Dollys. home. 
16 7
Clear. Ephm Cowen & his wife here. I receivd a letter from Bror Collins of the 10th inst informing our friends are in health. mr Ballard returnd. at home, receivd Ltr from Bro Collins at ye 10th inst.  
17 F
Clear & very warm. Georg Brown Breakfasted. Shubal Pitts Dind here. I went to mr Lathrops. at mr Lathrops.  
18 2
X. Birth Hinklys Dagt. XX.
Cloudy. I went from Latps to James hinkleys at 3h morn, his wife Deld at 7 Evng of a Dagt at 7 Evn & I returnd at 10 to mr Lathrops. find her ill. I receivd 6/ of mr Hinkly. at mr Hinkleys. Birth [12th].  
19 3
X, Birth Lathrops Son. XX.
rainy morn. mrs Lathrop had her women & was Deld of a Son at 11h 30m morn of a Son which wd 12 lb. I went to Dr Colmans & Procurd 3/ worth of Drugs & returnd home. Sally & Polly Densmore & P. Livermore here. at Lathr. Birth 13[th]. receivd [  Sugar July 28].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.