Martha Ballard's Diary, December 12 - 20, 1792

12 4
Clear but very Cold. mr Pollard Came & Conducted my Dagt & his Spouse home to Hous keeping, may be happy. Dolly helpt her put up her furniture & went home with her. Ephm Drove ye team. Cyrus went & Bot 2 pails, Cost 2/8. I have been at home. at home. Hannah went to houskeeping
13 5
Clear part of ye Day, the weather is moderated. I have been at home regulating my things &C, mrs Pitts Made her Candles & Some for me. Cyrus went to mr Dummers, Bot him Cloath for a Coat @ 10/ pr yd. at home. mr Pitts Sleeps here.  
14 6
Cloudy all Day, began to Snow about Sun Sett. Ephm workt with his teem for mr Baxter. Parthenia Washt, I helpt. have been at home. it Snowd in the night. at home.  
15 7
Cloudy Day, Snowd at Evng. mr Ballard returnd, informs me my little grand Son is very unwell. I have been at home. Cyrus is gone to EbenZ Trashes. at home.  
16 G
Clear & very Cold. I went to my Sons to See his Child, it is a little more Comfortable. mrs Pitts wrode with me as far as Son Pollards. I went in & warmd, they are well there. Cyrus returnd from Sidney. John Chamberlin was marid ye 10 inst, removed his wife to Sidney ye 11th. Shee was Deld of a Dagt ye 12th & it Expird before night. at my Sons, the Child is better.  
17 2
Clear & very Cold. I have been at home. mrs Pitts & Dolly Came here from mr Pollards. mr Ballard been to ye hook. at home. mr Pitts here.  
18 3
Clear & very Cold morn, Snowd at night. mr Ballard run ye S line of this Lot & went to Colo Howards. Brortr Town Dind here. I have been at home. we killd 2 Turkeys & Cokt one of them. at home. mr Thwing here at Evng.  
19 4
A very Severe Snow Storm. I have been at home. this day is 38 years Since I was Joind in Wed lock with mr Ballard. at home.  
20 5
Clear & very Pleasant. mr Shubal Pitts removd his wife from here & went to house keeping. may they prosper in this life & be happy in the future. Dolly went home with mr Pitts & tarries ys night. I have been at home. at home. Parthenia left me & went to house keeping.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.