Martha Ballard's Diary, May 11 - 15, 1792

11 6
X. Birth Colo Sewalls Dagt. XX.
Clear & very pleast. I was at Colo Sewalls; he was Surveying Bords at Joness mill, his Ladys illness increast at 5 & Shee was Safe Deld at 6h pm of a fine Dagt & is Cleverly. mrs Brooks, Voce & Parker assistants. I tarried all night. mrs Cowen took Tea there. old mrs Lankester there unwell. at Colo Sewalls. Birth 18thof which 10 were Dagts
12 7
Clear & warm. I returnd home at 9h morn, left my Patients Cleverly. I Sowd Beets, Carrots, Parsnips & Planted Beens & Musk mellons; Sowd Cabbage & French Turnips. Dolly Came home at Evn. Ephm went to mr Wessons, Bot me 1 quart W rhum. mr Hamlin Sent me a Stand to Sett a Light on. at Does. receivd 6/6 as a reward.  
13 G
Cloudy all Day. I went to See mr Densmores inft, it is unwell. mrs Barton Came here, her Sist & inft are very unwell. mr Livrmr Drank Tea with us. Cyrus & Dolly here. Ephm went to Jonas, little Jack is unwell. at mr Densmores, his inft is unwell.  
14 2
Clear. I have been at home. Jona helpt furrow for Planting. Cyrus went to his mill after Dinner. little Jack is better to Day. at home.  
15 3
X. Birth mr Beemans Dagt. XX.
Clear. I went to mr Dummers, bot 2yds Shalloon 5/, 2Do fustian 5/, 1 lb Tea & Teapot 3/8, paper pins /10, 1 Galn molases 3/6, Skein Silk /5, 2lb Butter 1/6. mrs Barton & my Dagt gone to Jonas. Thos Haywood here. I paid him 24/ for his Dad. I went to See mrs Densmores inft, it is no better. I was Calld at 9h Evn to See mrs Beeman, Shee was Delivd Soon after my arival of [a her] 4th Dagt. I tarried all night, my Patients are Cleverly. at mr Dummers & mr Densmores. I have Beets, Carrots & Beens up. at mr Beemans. Birth 19th

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.