Martha Ballard's Diary, January 14 - 19, 1792

14 7
X. Birth mr Joness Dagt. XX.
Clear. I was Calld at noon from Capt P Browns to mr Joness, his Lady was Deld at 3h pm of a Dagt, her 3d Child, ye other 2, Sons. I tarried all night, my Patients as well as Could be Expected. at mr Joness. Birth 3d. Hannah Sent my winter gown there.  
15 A
Clear & pleast. mr Jones Brot mrs Savage there & I returnd home at 1h pm. Cyrus Sett out for Pitts tn. I receivd 6/8 of mr Jones for my asistance now & he made me a prest of 1/2 Bsl rie & a piece of fresh pork for former Servises. at Dtoes. 
16 2
Clear, a Cool morn but very pleast Day. mr Waid Calld me to See his oldest Dagt who is very unwell. Ephm went with our teem to help Break a road on ys Side ye river. I returnd just before night. mr Ballard went to Colo Norths to Carry a Schadule of a house Fraime for mr Lee. at mr Waids, his oldest Dagtis Sick.  
17 3
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard geting wood. I was Calld to mr Hamlins, his wife being unwell by taking Cold. I tarried all night, made her Some Soap Pills; gave her 5. Shee rested tolerable well., her infant is a fine boy indead. at mr Hamlins, his wife has had an ill turn. Hannah at mr Densmores.  
18 4
Clear & Cold. I returnd home. mr Hamlin made me a prest of a quill Wheal & 3 quarts of rice. mr Waid informs his Dagt is no better. Hannah is washing. at mr Hamlins, his wife is better.  
19 5
X. Birth Savage Boltons 4th Son at 8h Evn.
A Severe Storm of Snow. mr Ballard gone to ye fort, returnd at 2h pm. mr Savage Came in Directly for me to go to Savage Boltons. I went on hors Back as far as mr Pollards, in a Sleigh from there. mrs Savage went with me. we were once over Sett, once I got out & helpt push behind ye Carriage. we arivd Safe at Sun Sett at Boltons. at Boltons. Birth 4th. I tarried all night. a Doleful Storm of Snow,[  ] fee recd [       ].  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.