Martha Ballard's Diary, January 7 - 13, 1792

7 7
Clear & very Cold. I have been at home. mr Ballard been up in Town. Cyrus, Jona & Dolly here this night. Hannah has washt a larg wash ys Day. at home.  
8 A
Birth Danl Savages Dagt. XX.
Clear & very Cold morn, more moderate aftn & Evng. I was Calld at 11h morn to See the wife of Danl Savage Junr who was Deld at 2h pm of a Dead Daugt, but is as well her Self as Can be Expected. I Came home at Evn. Calld at mr Seth Williamss, find mr Densmore & his wife here. at mr Savages. Birth 1st;Still Born. fee recd may 7th 1793.  
9 2
Clear & Cold. mr Ballard is gone to Varsalboro for Hay for Colo Sewall. Hannah washt. Shee lett a Stik fall on her foot, Brusd her toe & almost fainted. mr Town & his Dagt Patty & mr Fuller Came here. Jona went to Washington. I have been at home. mr Savages inft was interd at fort western. at home. Funeral of mr Savages inft
10 3
Clear & Cold. mr Town & Fuller wnt to Coart aft Breakfast. mr Ballard returnd this aftn & went to Colo Sewalls on Business. I have been at home. Cyrus Came here at Evn. Jon a is not here ys night. Hannah washt ye rooms ys Day. at home. Cyrus Came here, brot 3 peks Indian, 2 of wheat, 2 of rie meal.  
11 4
Clear & very Cold morn. mr Town & fuller went to Coart aft bkft. two Unity men here. mr Ballard & Cyrus went to Town. Jon a has not been at home Since yester day. I have been at home, mended a Coverld & knitt Some. mrs Welch was here. at home. Jon a was married to Sally Peirce.  
12 5
Clear. Son Town went home. I have been at home. mr Goold & Fuller Sleep here, Shuball Pitts allso. at home.  
13 6
X. Birth mr Hamlins Son. XX.
Snowd. mr Ballard brot a hogg home which he Purchast yesterd. I was Calld to See mrs Hamlin at 9 Evn, Shee was Deld of a Son at 10h 15m. I left her at 10h 45m & went to Capt Philibrowns, his wife unwell. at mr Hamlins & Capt Phillibrowns. Birth 2nt

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.