Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 8, 1791

1 7
A Severe Snow Storm. I was at mr Craggs. Pally no better. I Sett up Part of ye night. at mr Craggs.  
2 B
Clear part of ye Day. I was at Dittoes. Sett up all night. Polly is a little wandering in her feaver fitts. at Dtoes. 
3 2
Cloudy. I tarried till near night. Polly has been got out of bed, and her bed made, had a fitt of ye feaver. I find Dolly mutch as I left her. Hannah is weaving a Blankett. I went to bed Early and Slept well. at Dtoes. Polly very Sick yet. Snowd.  
4 3
Cloudy, the weather moderate. Doct Coney here; took acount of Births & Deaths ye year past from my minnits. I have been at home. at home.  
5 4
Clear and very pleast, thawd Some. mr Hollowell, ye tinker Dind. Pattey & anne Bullin Dind and Drank Tea. James Cowen & wife took Tea here. Jonas Red Colt was hookt by one of ye Steers, hir Entrales Came out. Jona returnd them, Sewed up the rent. Shee not with Standing, Expird before morn. I have been at home. Parthena gon to Burtuns. at home. Jona Lost a Colt. Parthena gone. Pattys new Shoes Brot home.  
6 5
Cloudy morn. Parthena returnd this morn. Shee & my Dagts went to help mrs Pollard quillt a Bed quillt. Dolly tarried there all night. I have been at home. Foster Sleeps here. at home.  
7 6
Cloudy & warm. I have been [" at home" - implied] Hannah got ye Coverleds out, 4 of ym and put in and wove Some of a web for Shirts for Ephm & Patty. at home.  
8 7
Clear & Colder. I have been at home, made Candles, 18-1/2 DZwt. mr Pitts here. Dolly has wove 10-1/2 yds. at home. mr Bullin paid wheat here, 2-1/2 Bl

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.