Martha Ballard's Diary, January 12 - 17, 1790

12 3
Clear & Blustering. The Coart Setts in Hollowell. Doct Whiteaker & Son, Esq Lovjoy, Revd mr Foster & mr David Smyle Sleep here. I have been at home. my Girls washt ye kitchen & Scourd puter. I have be[en] at home.  
13 4
Clear morn. Snow aft & Evn. Doct Whitaker, mr White, Prescott & Smyle Sleep here. Nat Whitaker Came just as we were going to Bed. I have been at home. Polly Savage Bakt here. I have been at home.  
14 5
Clear & very Pleast. mr Ballard had a Side of Veal of mr Ebenz Haills. Doct Whitaker & Son, mr Foster, Esq Wood, Preskott, Porter, Smyle, Suball Pitts, Echobad Pitts, White Sleep here. I have been at home. at home.  
15 6
Cloudy. mrs Coal & David Flelchers wife Dind here. The Doct, mr Foster, Preskott, Pullin, Smyle, White & friend Gardner Sleep here. I have been at home. finisht a Shirt for my Self. at home.  
16 7
Snow. I was Calld to Neigr Savages to See his wife, Shee being unwell. mrs Chamberlain & mrs Welch & my Self tarried all night. I was at mr Savages.  
17 C
Clear & very pleast. I Came home before breakfast. mr Foster & Smyle went home. The Doct, mr Ballard & White to meeting. I went to mr Savages at Evn, his wife was afflicted with a pain in her teeth. The Doct & mr White Sleep here. at Dittoes. Hallowell, March 21 st 1791 Due to Ep h Ballard on Settlement with Parthena Barton from her /12/ 19th Decem r to Sundry articles 1-16-2 Credt by 6 months work @ L6 pr yr 3= -:- Feby 15 th 1792 Detr to a hatt made & fitt to ware :6:   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.