Martha Ballard's Diary, February 12 - 20, 1789

12 5
Cloudy. mr Ballard very unwll. Polly is Better. Wido Wilms here. mr Porter Came for his wife, they Left here at ye 9th H Evn. at home.  
13 6
Cloudy & Snow. mr Ballard went to mr Pollards, was very porrely aftern. mrs Williams went home. Jona killd a Swine for us which wd 220. Gillbth here. I at home. at home. Snow.  
14 7
Cloudy, Cold & Snowd at Evn. mr Ballard very unwell. I was at home. we made Some Piess. at home. Snow.  
15 D
Clear & Cold. I was at Revd Fosters. mr Ballard is Better, the Soar on his nose is Broke. Dagt Town & Dolly at mr Hamlins. Polly Savage here. Parthena at home. at Revd Fosters & Nr Savages.  
16 2
Cloudy, Snowd at Evn. mr Ballard from home. I was at home. Savage Bolton Lost 1 Galn of molases. it was found in Reuben Turners posesion. at home.  
17 3
Snowd foren, Clear aftn. Son Town Came here. I at home. at home. Snowd.  
18 4
X. Birth Rubin Branards Dagt. XX.
Clear. I was Calld to mr Branards wife in Travil at ye 9th h morn. Shee was Safe Deld of a Dagt at 5 PM. I returnd at 8 Evn. Son & Dagt Town been to his Dadys. at mr Branards, Winthp.  
19 5
Clear. mr Ballard waited on me & Dagt Town to mr Westons. at mr Westons.  
20 6
Cloudy & Cold. my Childn Left here. mr Ballard went to wisCasset. my Childn thrown out of the Sleigh, not hurt much. this day I am 54 years old. at home. 54 years old ys Day.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.