Martha Ballard's Diary, August 21 - 24, 1788

21 5
Clear. mr Ballard gone to mr Carrs. I went to mr Savages; he Came home his face very much brused & Sweld. I Came home, had News that his Coal Pitt was like to burn up. I rode to the Neighbors below to Call asistance to putt it out. Thomas Smyley Sleeps here. Hannah is at wido Williams. at mr Savages & wido Williamss
22 6
X. Birth of Jotham Smiths Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld at 9h morn to See Jotham Smiths wife who was in Labour & was Safe Delivd of a fine Son at ye 12th h. I returnd home at 3h pm then went to See mr Savage. find him Some more Comfortable. the Girls gone to See mrs Hamlin this Eving. Cyrus been to the hook to Day. at mr Smiths & Nr Savages.  
23 7
Clear Except a Shower. mr Page & mr Ballard fixing the Valluation. mrs Williams here; invited me to go there. I went & Spent ye aftern. her Sister Charlotte Came there from Boston. mrs Savage here when I returnd, her Husband is very poorly. I was at wido Williamss
24 E
Clear & very Cool. I was unwell before nn and attended public worship aft. Revd mr Foster Spoke from Geneses 2 & 7; made a very fine discorce. wido Williams and mrs Lois Harris here after meeting, Wilm Howard & mr Fillbrook also. Dan'l Robbins returnd from Boston. At meeting. Calld at wido Williamss

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.