Martha Ballard's Diary, August 12 - 20, 1788

12 3
Clear. I went to Wdo Wilmss. Patty was in a Sleep from 10h morn till Eight Evng; then her fitts Came on & held her all night. mrs Child watcht. Dolly & Parthena Slept there. we thought the Child Expireing in ye night. at wido Wilmss. Polly White & Polly Hinkly here.  
13 4
XX. Birth of mr Fullers Son. XX.
Clear. I was Calld from mrs Williamss at 2h 30m to mr Fullers Lady in Travil. Shee was Safe Deld at 1h pm of a Son. I returnd home at 4 & find mrs Polly White here. Shee Slept here last night. mr Fuller paid me 6/ as a fee, gave me 5 Bowls. Extraidinary for medisin. Patty Williamss fitts on her. at Ditos. Polly White left here. Parthena is 17years old this Day.  
14 5
Clear. I went to wido Williams, tarried all night. her Child very ill. old mrs Fletcher & Sally & Polly tillton there. at Detos. Set up.  
15 6
Clear & hott. I Came home at the 5thh, went to Sleep at the 8th & to wdos at 1 pm, found mrs Cumings there. Patty Expird at 5h pm. I put on her Grave Cloaths with the asistance of mrs Cumings & mrs Hanh mc Kathny. mrs Bullin & mrs Lois Harris are there. at Ditos. Pally Expird at 5h pm. Aged 8 months & 17 days & 10 hours old.  
16 7
Clear & Warm. we killd a Veal. mr James Page here on public business; informs his wife is unwell. we attended funeral of Pally Williamss who was interd ys Evinng. the widdow, her Mother is the only surviveing branch of that famely. Funeral of Patty Williams. I attendd  
17 E
a rainy Day. mr Ballard and Nr Savage & old mr White mett at the meeting house. mr Foster was not there. I was at home.  
18 2
Clear. Revd mr Foster & Lady and wido Williams & mrs Lois Harris Dind with us. mrs Rheed & mrs Blakman Calld here. mrs Dorkis Pollard here to warp a piece. mrs Savage here; says James is unwell. Jona been to Pitts Town for a pair of Shoes. I have been at home.  
19 3
a very rainy Day. I went to mr Savages to see James who is unwell. his mother Came here to warp 4 [  ] hand kerchiefs. mr Ballard gone to mr Carrs to meet the Select Gentlemen. mr Jeremy Hall took a Sartifaket & Left 2/3. mr Ballard did not return this night. at Nr Savages.  
20 4
Clear part of ye Day. mrs Childs here to warp a webb. mr Ballard is not returnd, it is the 10h Evn. Capt Porter has Beat mr Isaac Savage & abused him very much. I have been at home. Capt Porter faut Nr Savage.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.