Martha Ballard's Diary, August 4 - 7, 1788

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Clear. I helpt Spread the yarn to whiten then went to the revd mr Fosters; tarried till near night. I opend her Breast; it discharged a Larg quantity. I Left her much more Comfortable. I Calld at mr Westons. Sammy is about at Colo Norths, also his Lady is very ill. at mrs Williamss, Shee is Comfortable; her Child also. at mrs Fosters. her Breast is Easier. at Wido Williamss also.  
5 3
Showers. I went to See mrs Foster; her Breast is Easier. mrs North is Better; mr Savage, his wife & Polly, Drank Tea; hannah Woodward also. I rode to Theops Hamlins. Calld at Doct Colmans. I was at mr Fosters. Calld at Wdo Wilmss
6 4
Clear. I gatherd herbs & was Calld to mr Fosters. Calld at widow Williamss; her Child is very unwell. mr Ballards hand is much Better. Capt Porters Lady has been here. Parthena gone to Stay with mrs Williams. mr Gilbe here this night. at mr Fosters & wido Williamss
7 5
XX. Birth of Leut John Shaws XX Daugt Daugt. [sic].
Clear Part of the Day; some Showers. I went to See mrs Williams; her Child is very unwell. mrs Pollard there, mr Vahn also. Polly Bisbe tarried with her this night. I was Calld to Leut John Shaws Lady who is in travil; left home at 9h 30m. Shee was Safe Deld of a Dagt about 11h Evn. I returned home at two. at mrs Williamss. Dolly finisht Strikeing Harnis to a Forty.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.