Martha Ballard's Diary, July 30 - August 3, 1788

30 4
Clear. I pulld flax & tended the yarn to whiten. mr Hopkins & mr Marrow Dind here. a number of Girls here at Eving. Remarkable apearance in the atmosphere. I was at home. Light in the atmosphere this Eving
31 5
Clear. I tended the yarn. the Girls finisht putting our flax. mrs Pain Andrews & Stuteley Springars wife here, Benn Bisbees wife and Lidia also. the girls went to mrs Williamss. Doct Barton here Bound for Boston, mr Low with him. I was at home. Briant Fletchers wife Delivd of a Son.  
1 6
Clear. I was Calld Early this morn to See thee Revd mr Fosters Lady who is very unwell; her Breast is Likely to Break. I aplyed a Poltis of Sorril & returnd home. mrs Williams & Polly Cool & mr Savage here after nn. Daniel Robbins Left here Bound for the westward. Dolly Slept with mrs Wilms. I was at mr Fosters & wido Williamss. my Girls washt thee floars, Parthena wrote Lettersto her friends westward.  
2 7
Clear. I hurt my foot with a plank. mr Ballard wrote to Broth Collins & went to Cobasa to Carry it to Doct Barton for Conveyance. mrs Woodward here; her Son no Better. my Dat Hannah is very unwell. I hear mrs Foster is no better. I have been at home.  
3 E
Clear Except a Shower. mr Balad only of our famely went to meeting. I went to See mrs Foster; find her very much Distrest with her breast. Danl Robbins here. I was at Revd mr Fosters.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.