Martha Ballard's Diary, May 23 - 27, 1788

23 6
a very rainy Day. I Combd flax for Josh Foster foren. went to mr Wilms aftn. they are no Better. Timm Pages wife was there; Says mrs North is unwell. I made pills. left Some Senna for Sally wilms. at mr Ws
24 7
A very rainy Day. I have felt unwell. mr Ballard went to Esqr Norths to hear Coart Between mr Foster & ye Sewalls. Jona went to Echabod Pittss for Corn. mr Childs & Craige planted the point on ye Crick wh Corn. the remains of old mr Coutch were interd. I have been at home.  
25 E
Clear till 1/O Clok PM, then Thunder & rain. our famely went to meeting Except Epm & my Self. I went to See mr Wilms famely, they are very unwell. mrs Pollard & mrs Porter there. I went to Bed at 10, was Calld at 11h Evinn to mr Moses Whites wife in Travil. I walkt over the String piece of ye Bridg by mr Hoveys. Ephm Cowen publisht to Hannah Wilmss
26 2
X. Birth mr Moses Whites Dafter. X.
Clear. mrs White was Safe Deliverd of a fine Dat at 9h morn. I Left there for home at noone. Calld at mr Herseys, mr Pollards, Colo Norths & Capt Porters & mr Williamss. Sally is very Sick. Came home; find Parthena Barton here. Left my patients Cleverly. Parthena Barton Came to work for me. Hannah wentfor hr at Wmss
27 3
Clear morn. I was Calld to See Sally Wilms who is very Sick. Doct Colman left her medicin. I was Calld from There to See James Weston; he remains weak. Came back; tarried all night & watcht. Timy Pages wife there all day. Patty Seems a little Better. raind in ye Evinng. I watcht with Sally Wilms. I heard they were well at Son Towns.  

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.