Martha Ballard's Diary, November 25 - December 1, 1787

25 G
Very pleast. I atended worship, majr Dutton at meeting. aftern mr James Page Desird prayr for ye Death of his Father. Hannah & Dolly were fritind by a Baire between here & Neighr Savages.   
26 2
at home till 10 Eving when Calld to see mrs Williams who is in travil. there all night.   
27 3
X. Birth. Joseph Williamss Daftr. X
Mrs Williams Safe Delivrd of a Dafter at 7 O Clok morn, I tarried with her all day. he Brot Hannah Cool to nurs, mrs Pollard, Porter, Childs & Foster were assistants, all went home after Breakts   
28 4
I helpt mrs Williams up & maid hr Bed & returnd home. left her Cleverly. I helpt do the work & was Calld in hast to See mrs Williams, Shee being in a Deleriam by reason of a miss Step of her Husband, tho not Desiring to injure her. I tarried till 3/O Clok morn. Left her rationall, tho Exercisd with Some pain. Willms Brot me 5 lb of chocolat this afternn.   
29 5
Clear & very pleast, this day observd as a public Thanksgiving. I attend Public Servis. I went to See mrs Williams, find her more Comfortable.   
30 6
Clear & pleast. I went to See mrs Williams. was Calld by mr Seth Williams to see his Son Moses, who is very unwell, we Gave him Some Senna & manna. I Came back to Josephs, tarried with her till 1 O Clok morn. mr Ballard gone to Broth Moores, tarried all night. Snowed Eving.   
1 7
Pleast. mrs Pollard Came here with her Son Amos who had a Lame knee, I bathd it with Camphr & mallalot ointment, aplid a plaster of my Salv, then I went to mr Williamss. find her up & had Drest her Babe. Benn White Calld me to see Becky.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.