Martha Ballard's Diary, September 25 - October 5, 1787

25 3
Clear. mr Ballard gone to Capt Pages. he help remove his house. mr Hains Learnd here, Left oxford 2 weaks ago, our Friends all well Except my Mother, who is in a Langued Situation as Brother Collins informs by a Letter Dated Sept 7, 1787.   
26 4
Clear & pleast. I went to See Lady Foster, find her very Comfortable. Shee went into the kitchen. mr Ballard went to Town meeting. mr Foster made me a prest of a Silk hand kerchief.   
27 5
Clear morn, rainy afternn. I Combd flax & knit. Joseph Fosters wife here ys night.   
28 6
Clear, Flint Bartons wife & her Sister Dind here. mrs Foster went from here. mrs Voce & Daftr here at Eving. my Girls went to mrs Williamss.   
29 7
rainy. mr Ballard been to Varsalboro. Jonathan returnd from Winslow, all well there. Collins Moore & Alaxr Smily Sleep here. I have been at home, wrote to my Mother, Broth Collins & Sist Waters.   
30 G
Clear. mr Pollard Came here. Desird me to Call at his house to See mr Sanford who is Sick there. I Compleid & find him very ill. I attended public worship also. mr Learned here after meeting.   
1 2
Clear. I have been at home. mr Learned went from here to Varsalbr. mrs Barton returnd from winthrop, informs mr Chandlers Daught Walton Deceast Sept 20, and Mrs Wing Last weak. Both in Child Bed. my Girls went to See mrs Voce ys Evinning. mr Ballard been to mr Pollards. Select Men mett on buisiniss.   
2 3
I went to Mr Andrew Goodwins, all well there.   
3 4
I Came home, weand as far as mr Pollards. tarried & watcht with Gideon Sanford.   
4 5
a Snow.
at mr Pollards till Evinng. Left Sanford a little more Comfortable. Doct Williams there has Sett Majr Duttons thigh which was Broke yesterday. it Snowd this Day.   
5 6
at home. mr Burton had his hand Drest here. mr Hamlin Came here, very poorly. we made a bed by the fire, I gave him Some Catnip Tea. he Tarried all night. Luke Barton Sleeps here.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.