Martha Ballard's Diary, August 26 - September 1, 1787

26 G
I was Calld to Joseph Fosters from mr Cowens to See Aaron, find him unwell. returnd to mr Cowens, tarried till near night. Left them poorly. Doct Coney been there & to Fosters also.   
27 2
Clear. I did hous work & went to See mrs Ellis. Shee is very unwell. Came home at Dush, find mr Williams & wife & Nathan Howard here. mr Ballard at Capt Belchirs. his Lady sent me 1 Dos of pigions.   
28 3
I did hous work. Howard went from here. mrs Smily here. Hannah Cool came [here]. Parthena [I get on] with [now]. mr Ballard been to ye [school] Surveying. I have been at home. this is Datr Towns Birth day, 29 years old.   
29 4
rainy morn, Loury Day. I went to See mrs Weston, Shee is unwell. Calld at [ Colo Nths] & Capt Porter. he is Better. mr Ballard has been at work on the Bridg. Cyrus and mr Gillbreath went to Churches with the spindle of ye mill to be fited.   
30 5
Clear. I have been at home. mr Ballard workt at ye Bridge Sherebiah Town Sleeps here, Lidia Foster also.   
31 6
Clear. I have been at home. the Girls washt. mrs Welch here, took some flax home to spin. Rhuben Moore & Davis Nichols here after Loggs. Lidia went home. Dolly took the hand kerchiefs out of ye loom. Mrs Woodward here.   
1 7
Clear. mr Moore Dind here. I went to Coll Norths and got 2 lb Butter, 2 Do of Sugar, &-1/2 lb of Tea. Mr Brown, his wife & mrs Ferwel here. an ox trod on mr Ballards foot & Lamd it very much. I Batht it with Camphr & turpentine.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.