Martha Ballard's Diary, August 13 - 18, 1787

13 2
death of Wm mc Masters
William mc Masters Expired at 3 O Clock ys morn. mrs Patin & I laid out the Child. poor mother, how distress[d] her Case. near the hour of Labour and three Children more very Sick. I Sett out for home. Calld at mrs Hds, I find her Son very Low. at mr Williamss, Shee very ill indeed. now at home it is nine O Clok morn. I feel as if I must take Some rest. I find mr Ballard is going to Pitts ton on Business. Dolly is begining to weave thee hand kerChiefs. Ephm & I went to see mrs Williams at Evinng, find her Some Better.   
14 3
Clear & hott. I pikt ye Safron. mrs Pattin here. mr Ballard & I & all the Girls attended funeral of William mc Master. their other Children are mending. James Howard very Low. Drank Tea at mr Pollards. Calld at mr Porters.   
15 4
Clear morn. I pulld flax ye forenn, rain aftern. I am very much fatagud. Lay on ye bed & rested. ye two Hannahs Washing. Dolly weaving. I was Calld to mrs Claton in travil at 11 O CloK EvNG.   
16 5
Birth. [mrs] Clatons Son.
at mr Cowens. put mrs Claton to Bed with a Son at 3 PM. Came to mr Kenadays to See his wife who has a sweling under her arm. Polly is mending. returnd as far as mr Pollards, by water. Calld from there to winthrop to Jerimy Richards wife in Travil, arivd about 9 O Clok.   
17 6
X Birth. Jerimy Richards Dafter. X.
at mr Richards. his wife Dilivrd of a Dtr at 10 O Clok morn. returnd as far as mr Pollards at 12, walkd from there. mrs Coy buryd a Dafter yesterday. mr Stanley has a Dafter Dangerous, Willm Wicher 2 Children also.   
18 7
I spun Some Shoe thread & went to see mrs Williams, Shee has news her Mother is very Sick. Jeny Huston had a Child Born the night before Last. I was Calld by James Hinkly to See his wife at 11 & 30 Evnn went as far as mr Westons by land, from thence by water. find mrs Hinkly very unwell.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.