Martha Ballard's Diary, July 15 - 21, 1787

15 G
Clear. our famely all went to meeting but my self & Ephm, he is Broak out with the rash. Sister Bartons Son is much better. Shee went from here with mr Faught Bound for home.   
16 2
X Birth. Isaac Savages Dafter. X
I was Calld to mr Savages at 1 O Clok morn, his wife in Travil & was Safe Dld at 11 PM of a Dafter, tho Dangerous for Some Time. I tarried till Day light. a thunder Shower.   
17 3
Clear. mr Faught here, Says Gidion Barton is very well & Sister went from there this morn. mr Porter & Pamela Left here for her her [sic] fathers on a visit. I came home about Day light & went to bed. Ephm is Better, went to School. I went to mr Savages aftern, Shee is very Comfortable. Gillbreath Sleeps here. mr [G Cowen] here on business with mr Ballard.   
18 4
Cloudy & very Cold for ye season. mr Ballard houghing potatoes. I carrid mrs Pollards Sleigh home & was at mr westons & Colo Norths. find my famely all in Bed on return.   
19 5
Clear. I went to Deacon Coneys & ye Docters, mr Churches, & Capt Belchers. mr Ballard went to a vesel at ye hook & got some Corn. I Come home with him. Pamela returnd. Shee was joind in Wedlok with mr Porter yesterday. mrs Church was Dilivd of a son last Tusday morn at 1 O Clok & 20 m. Doct Coney operator. Jerymy Baddoks wife ye Same Night of a Dafter. old mrs Fletcher performd the ofice of a midwife for her.   
20 6
Clear. mr Williams & wife & Sally hr. mr [   ] Barton & Betsy Town from Pitts Town [     ]. mrs Welch here fornn. I went to mr Savages, Drest her infant, find them Cleverly. mr Densmoore here for advice for his Son who is lambd by a fall which brousd his knee. Sally Peirce been here ys afternn. we have Bakt Some rice pudings ys Evinng. I finisht mr Ballards Linng Hoes at 9 & 3/4 O Clok.   
21 7
Clear. I went to See David Densmoores knee. mr Barton & Betsy Town went from here. I Settld with Pamela This Day. Shee has Lost 1 months time, or rather workt for her Self since Shee came here & had, 20 yd s Cloth at 2/8 pr yd 2:13:4 Lawn for an apron : 7:6 2 pair shoes 12/ Leather & makeing :17:1 Paid mrs Densmore for Cuting her gown :6 Credit by her Labour 4:--:- Detr to 1/7 in cash : 1:7   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.