Martha Ballard's Diary, July 6 - 14, 1787

6 6
Clear. mrs Tylor Brot the Black Child here. mr Ballard went to mr Cars. they procurd her 1 Bushel of wheat. mr Porter, Joseph Burton & the Girlls went to mr Faughts. James Stackpool & Betsy Town came here. Polly Savage, Sally Peirce here. Hannah Cool unwell, her throat sore. I have been at home.   
7 7
Clear. mr Ballard gone to Church meeting. Pamela & Hannah went to mr Densmors. Betsy Cut out Pollys gown. hannah Cool remains unwell. I Sett up wh her till 11 O Clok.   
8 G
Clear. our women tarried at home fornn. mrss Butrfield, Cleark & Gordin here in intermition. I attended afternn. hannah poorly yt. Ephm went to meeting Last Sabbath & this also. Elihes Getchel & Polly Savage Cryd the first.   
9 2
Clear. I went to mr Savages. mrs Densmore Came to make our gounds. Peggy Coole here to See hannah, who remains poorly. mr Ballard & ye Young men went to asist in raising mr Childss house.   
10 3
Clear. mr Ballard houghing Corn. the girls finished Their gounds. mrs Densmore fited mine & tried it on. I let her have 3 lb of flax for her Labour. Betsy Town finisht Dollys. the girls went to mr Crages. Hannah Cool is Better.   
11 4
Clear. mr Chamberlin helpt mr Ballard hough. I have been not So well as I Could wish this day. the Girls Bakt pumpkin Pies. Polly Taylor here. thunder & rain in the night.   
12 5
X Birth. Willm Stones Son, first Child. XX.
Cear. I was Calld to William Stones wife in Travil at 11 O Clok morn. Shee was Safe Deld of a Son at 9 Evn. I returnd at 11. mr Porter & Pamela Siting up. Sister Barton Came here this Day, by water. I heard a man fell down Dead in ye Coart hous at Pounalboro yesterday.   
13 6
Clear. the girls washt. Hannah had a pain in her head. Sally Bakt. mr Ballard gon to ye hook. mrs Tylor here. Sister & I went to see mrs Williams.   
14 7
Clear. mrs Tylor here for Corn, had a peck. Sister & I took a walk as far as mr Savages. I hear John North is Sick. Gidion is unwell. we gave him Some hysop Tea, put Tow on his throat.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.