Martha Ballard's Diary, June 13 - 18, 1787

13 4
I was at Capt Sewalls the most of the Day. old mrs Fletcher Came there & I came away. Crost the river in the Boat, the wind very high. I Calld at mr Pollards, Colo Norths. Lisy Cosen unwell. I was at mr Williamss. Sally Peirce here. mr Gardners remains are to be interd this day.   
14 5
I heard Capt Sewalls Son was Dead, hear it Contradicted. went there, find it very Low. Sett up with it this Night. his wife is Sick.   
15 6
Left the Child. Calld at mrs Howards & Dind. was Calld to See mrs Belcher who has a pain in her Side. Sett up with her till 11 O Clok. Shee is easier.   
16 7
Mr Belcher Set out for Boston, I for home. Left mrs Belcher Better. Came to Capt Sewalls, find his wife & Child very ill. tarried all night, watcht. Thomas Sewalls Children have the rash, Becky very poorly. mrs Woodward at the Captns.   
17 G
Clear. I came home from Capt Sewals, do not feel fitt to go to meeting. took a fine nap. Parthena Barton here and mr Faught. I hear that a woman from Boston by the name of Polly Trust Came to mr Pollards in pursuit of John Leir. Shee is pregnant by hm.   
18 2
rainy. I set Beet plants. mrs Woodward here. Capt Sewals Son Departed this [  ] Life this morn. mr Leighton and his Son, Isaac, Sleep here. the girls went to mr Crages. Mr Porter of Winthrop was here last Evining. mr Ballard makeing [rates].   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.