Martha Ballard's Diary, May 31 - June 6, 1787

31 5
rainy, am at Capt Belchers. mrs Voce & mrs Cumings there. this night mrs Belcher some pooly. I rose to tend her.   
1 6
Birth. Capt Belchers Dafler. XX.
Clear part of the day. mrs Voce & Cumings went home. mrs Belcher taken iller at half after 11 = was Safe Deliverd of a fine Daughter at 20 muinits after 12 pm. I returnd by water, arivd home at half after 4. find all well. received 6/ of Capt Belcher as a reward. I went to See Becky wiman, find her Craysy.   
2 7
Clear. I quilld 7 Skeins of yarn. Cyrus Bot 2 lb of Butter. mr Ballard Brot home 14 lb Cod fish. Son Town Slept here last night. I went to mr Westons, Bot a XXXVI Slay. Son Town here.   
3 G
Clear morn, a Storm before night. Son Town went from here. Fosters foot much Sweld. I poultised it. Joseph Fosters wife here this night. Hannah at Capt Porters. Hannah Cool at mr Williamss. Philip Norcroses wife Deliverd of a Dafter 31st of may last. Pamela has a pain in her head this Day.   
4 2
Rainy. mrs Foster went away. Hannah Came from mr Portors. Becky Wiman is Better. mr Ballard been to meet thee Select men. I have been at home Doubling yarn for harnes. Hannah Cool got the web out, 35-1/2 yds. there was 93 Skeins of yarn filld into it. Dolly run a nail into her foot. mrs Foster had 10 pills of me.   
5 3
mr Ballard Laying out Rhod by Capt Sewalls. I have been at home. Dolly very lame.   
6 4
Clear. mr Ballard gone to Coart. mrss Shaw & Ellis & her twin Boys Dind here. I have been Combing flax. the Girls strikeing a harnis to a 36 & Coulering a Linning warp. Becky Wiman rode by here today.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.