Martha Ballard's Diary, March 21 - 30, 1787

21 4
Clear. mr Ballard been to mr Clearks. I have been at home Combing flax; 13 lb.   
22 5
X Birth. mr Swetts Dafter. X.
observd as a day of humiliation & prayer. I went to the house of worship. was Calld out by mr Swett at ye Conclution of ye first prayer. went to the Hook on the ice. put his wife to Bed safe with a Daughter & Slept at mr Duttens.   
23 6
I returnd home by the way of mr Hainss. it Snowd & raind. Snowd in the night also.   
24 7
Cloudy & Cold. I went to mrs Westons afternn. mr Brooks there, Shew dislike at my informing mrs Weston of Some afairs which hapened in School. I Bought 1-1/2 yds Linnen of Burtun @ 5/8 pr yd, paid Cash. 1/4 yd CambK of Frank, paid 3/7 for it.   
25 G
Clear & Cold. I attended Publick worship. mr Williams & wife here in ye Evinning, Eliphelit Robins & informd of ye Death of Anne Webbs Child.   
26 2
Ephm had a fit.
Clear & Cool. Ephm had a Fitt. Doct Coney Calld to See him. mr Ballard been at mr Pollards with ye other Select gent men.   
27 3
Clear & pleast. mr Ballard & Capt Sewall been Laying out a road to mr Duttens mill. mrs Bisbee & Polly here, the Girls gone to mr Westons. I have been at home, knitt Some.   
28 4
Clear & pleast. Revd mr Foster here. I have been at home. mrs Elis & mrs Chamberlin here. Sherebiah Town Came here Last Evinng, Says Bitsy is recovering & Polly & Lucy have had the Rash. it has Snowd ys Evinng.   
29 5
Cloudy. Danniel Robbins Came here from the westward. mr Voce Remoovd from mr Emersons to Doct Coalmans. mr Ballard at mr Pollards on public buisiness. I have been at home, finisht hannahs Stockins.   
30 6
Clear part of the day, a little snow. Biah went from here. Polly Taylor here. I paid her for what work Shee Did for me Last August, 8 Days. old mrs Wheeler here. mr Ballard been to Colo Howards. I have been at home. Ephraim is Eight years old this Day.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.