Martha Ballard's Diary, February 15 - 21, 1787

15 5
X Birth. mr Reads Son. X.
mrs Read was Deliverd of a Son at four this morn. it Cleard of & is very pleasant. I Calld to See mrs Savage, find her poorly. mrs Shaw, Shee remains Low. I returnd home at half after Ten ys morn, receivd 6/ of mr Read as fee. 2/ remains X Due for medicin.   
16 6
Clear. I am unwell. Neigh Savage & wife here at Evinng.   
17 7
Clear. mr Ballard gone to mr Pollards to meet Capt Sewall on public Business. mr Lapham of Pitts town here for herbs for his wife who is unwell.   
18 A
Clear. I went to meeting aftern. mr Floid Brot a note for thanks for his wives Delivry. I was Calld in to See mr Childs. mrs Becky Wiman here for Some tincture for him. mr Howard here from Sebastacuk.   
19 2
A Clear, pleasant morn. Cloudy before night, Snowd a little and misted. mrs Daylor here, her Husband is very unwell. old mrs Whealor & Polly Wall & Polly Savage here. we have killed a Swine this afternn. mr Williams helping pique mill. mr Howard went from here. Ephm Cowen here.   
20 3
A Snow Storm. I was Calld to See mrs Reed, am unfitt to go out, But went. find her Exercised with Some pain & Sore throat. returnd at Dusk, feel unwell. I have Seen 52 years this Day.   
21 4
Clear & Cold. I am unwell. mr Cumings Drest 10 lb of flax on Jonns acount. I began a Linnen Stockin for Lady Foster.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.