Martha Ballard's Diary, February 6 - 14, 1787

6 3
Clear & Cold. I went to See mrs Shaw & knitt on Pamelas Stockin. mr Ballard was at mr Pollards.   
7 4
Clear, more moderate. I went to Carry Some filling to Sally Bolton. Revd mr Foster here. mr Ballard Carried him Some meet from Cyrus & Sause from our Selves. Dolly Carried her Stockins home.   
8 5
XX Birth. James Savages Son. XX.
I was Calld half after Six this morn to James Savages wife in Travil. Shee was Safely Deliverd at Six Eving of a fine Son, her first Child. it has been Severe Cold, Snowd at night. I tarried all night.   
9 6
Clear. I Came home, Rode on a Slead. was Calld to see mr Porters Infant, it being unwell, gave it some Senna.   
10 7
Clear. I was Calld to See Seth Williamss youngest Child & Georg Browns Children. Calld at Porters, his Child is Better.   
11 A
Cloudy & not so Cold. Dolly gone to meeting. Snowd a little. mr Runels & wife here. Ephm Cowen Supt here. it rains fast this night.   
12 2
Clear & moderate. mr Stackpool & Lady Sleep here. mr Brooks & Weston here.   
13 3
Clear. mr Stackpool & Lady went from here. Capt Sewall here, mrs Foster also. mr Ballard went to his Lot, finds Ellis has treaspast. I have been at home kniling mittin. Cyrus at Williamss. [hers] Son Towns little Daughter is Some Better, rest of his family well.   
14 4
Cloudy, Snowd before Sun Sett. I was unwell, my throat Sore, went to Bed at nine. was Calld at half after ten By mr Read to see his wife in Travil. it raind fast as I went & almost all night. old mrs Savage & mrs Stone were attendants.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.