Martha Ballard's Diary, September 17 - 22, 1786

17 A
Clear. I was Calld to See Asa Mason, his foot wounded. I drest it & returnd. Calld to See mr Benn Brown who is Sick, his youngest Child unwell also. After I Came home, wt to See Neighr Williams, he being unwell. Dollys Throat Soar yet.   
18 2
A Cloudy day. mrs Densmr Came here & workt for me. I feel some unwell, Dolly also. mr Ballard makeing plan. Doct Coney here, Let me have half oz. harts horn & 2 Stiptic Pouds, prs 1/. [Tom Jonsn] Came for me to See mr Willms, he spits Blood.   
19 3
A rainy day. mrs Densmore here. I went to mr Westons for sewing Silk ys morn. Shee went home at Evinng. I went to Capt Savages. mr Ballard maid plan.   
20 4
Clear. I Came home aftern, found Dolly Better. Polly Taylor & Lucy Porter here. Doct Coney here from mr Browns, Says he is very poorly. mr Ballard Been to ye hook, Carrid thee plann to mr Vaun, receivd his pay. Came home ys Evinng. Jono returnd from Sandy river, Informs yt mrs Eatons father Deseast Last wk & was interd on Sunday Last.   
21 5
Clear. I went to See mr Williams, he is Poorly. mrs Gardy Came here afternn.   
22 6
Clear. mrs Gardy went down below here. Dolly ascisted her as far as Crages. mr Ballard turnd flax. Ephm helpt. Dolly workt for Polly H. afternn. I Cut my Sage, gave mr Bullin Some. mr Usher had /8 X worth of Salve.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.