Martha Ballard's Diary, July 23 - 27, 1786

23 A
a hott day. I attended Divine Servise aftern. mr Foster Delivird a discoarce from Math 25/41ver, a Shour after servis. mrs Woodward & Nbr Savage Supt with us. Isaac Cowen Enformd of ye Death of Susanah Sautbe who Deceast Last weak. Doct Coney returnd ye Rhubarb which he Borrowd of me and 1 penny wt & 20 grains over plus. Lucy Town is one year old this Day.   
24 2
Clear & warm. we Spun Some & Cleand ye Seller. I went to mr Porters for wool but got none, then went to Savage Boltons & Georges, his Infant, unwell & Hannah is poisaned in her face & Leggs.   
25 3
Clear & hott. we Bakt. Polly Fletchr Bakt for mrs Williams. we spun some Cottin. ye Girls went to pique Blue berries. I Boiled a fine Linning warp, 32 skeins.   
26 4
Clear. Revd Mr Foster Dind here. we Spun Cottne. I went to mr Williamss. Polly Fletcher wint from Nursing her. I receivd a pair of Shoes & 2/ from mr Beeman for attending his wife & for Medisen, of Savage Bolton 1-1/2 lb Cottne for Servis Done there.   
27 5
Clear. I carded Cottne & Cutt Aulders and maid a Sort of a fence part round the yard By the mill Pond, and then was Calld to Eliab Shaws to See his Children, they being Sick with ye Canker rash. Hannah North, Tammy & Sally Cox here. Brot a quarter of Lamb, wt 7-1/2 lb. Polly Bisbe & Adams here to Day.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.