Martha Ballard's Diary, March 30 - April 8, 1785

30 4
A Storm of Snow; Cold for march. Jono brt hay from Doctr Coneys. ye Storm Contins. I was at home all Day.   
31 5
Birth. Welmans child. X Datr. XX
Calld about Day to go to mr Wellmans. Ephm Cowen went with us as far as ye plain beyond Esqr Howards Bridge, where we mett a mesage Enforming ye woman was got Safe to Bed. turnd about & Returnd home. I had two falls; one on my way there, ye other on my Return. Ye Storm Continues yet; the snow is Levil with ye top of the lower Pain of glass of our north window. I travild Some Rods in the snow where it was almost as high as my waist. Stopt at mr Suels & warmd. Cowen got Colo Howards Sleigh & brought me from mr Suels. Got home at 8 o Clock.   
1 6
Snowd. I was makeing lee for soap. at home all Day. mr Savage returnd wH our hors from Carng his Sistr home. Polly Savag here for medecin for hannah. I Sent Some Allowotic tincture.   
2 7
Clear & warm part of ye Day; raind after noon. Jono & Cowan Gone to attend funeral of Ebenz Taylor who departed this life yesterday. I was at home ys day.   
3 B
Snow y morn, the trees much Loaded. raind after noon. mr Ballard went to Thomas Sewils to hear mr Kinsman Speak At eving. mr Savage Supt here. I was at home all day.   
4 2
Snowd allmost all Day. mr Ballard attendd Town meeting. I finnished one of Cyruss cotten hoes. was at home ys Day.   
5 3
Raind in ye morn, Sun Shind about 01 [sic] in morn. it haild in ye aftern. Sun Sett Clear, raind hard in the Eving. I was at home ys Day. Began to make Soap.   
6 4
Clear & Pleast. Biah Town here. I was at home ys Day about making Soap & knitting.   
7 5
Clear, Fast Day. mr & mrs Savage here; mrs [Brod] & Lidia MC Graw. I was at home all Day.   
8 6
Cloudy part of ye Day. mrs Foster here. Poll Savage Enformd yt James was Scalt. I was at home ys Day. Jono unwell at night.   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.