Martha Ballard's Diary, January 1 - 22, 1785

[1] [7]
mr Ballard left home bound for Oxford. I had been Sick with the Collic. mrs Savage went home. mrs foster Came at Evening. it snowd a little.   
[2] [1]
Sunday. mrs Foster here. Snowd. [Father] Ballard Deceast 22 years this Day, at 9/oc Eving.   
[3] [2]
Monday. Confined to my roome Still.   
[4] [3]
Tuesday. mrs. Foster went home. I had threats of thee Collic; by takeing peper found releif.   
[5] [4]
Wednsd Still Confind. mr Purkins here.   
[6] [5]
Thursd. walkd to the barn. am much better.   
[7] [6]
Frid. I rode as far as mr Savages.   
[8] [7]
Capt hatchis fammily here. Studley Springer Carried me to his hous.   
[9] [1]
Sund. I put mrs springer to Bed with [a daughter]. [returnd]. mr & mrs Pollard here afternoon.   
[10] [2]
Mond. at home. find I am better.   
[11] [3]
Tuesd. at home. able to knit a little.   
[12] [4]
Went to George Boltans to see his Daughter.   
[13] [5]
Went to Ditos. found the Child no better.   
[14] [6]
14 & 15th at Ditoes. staid. at night a storm.   
[16] [1]
Came from Boltons to Savages. mrs Savg unwell.   
[17] [2]
Returnd From Savages Late in Evening.   
[18] [3]
At home all Day. feel Some fatagued.   
[19] [4]
Cald to Boltons. Rode home on a slead.   
[20] [5]
About [      ] morn. Cald in hast to Savages. a very Cold morn. about 11 o clok put mrs Savage to Bed with a Daughter. Returnd home at Evn very much fatagued.   
[21] [6]
at home all Day. very warm weather.   
[22] [7]
Went [      ] Savages. found her Comfortable. mr Savage Paid [      ].   

Source: Transcription courtesy of Robert and Cynthia McCausland.