Land deeds of Rev. Foster
Lincoln County Courthouse
August 2, 1790
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Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us Ja-- Sullivan Wm. Sullivan, Witness to Rebecca Foster, signing and sealing and delivering Thomas Mosely Ebenezer Mosely. Suffolk Ss. August 2nd 1790. Then the said Isaac Foster personally appeared and acknowledged the aforegoing to be his free Act and Deed. Before me Ja. Sullivan Just. peace --

Recd. August 1790 and entered & examined

by Tho. Rice Regr

Elias Cook
Edm.d G. Row

To all People to whom these presents shall come Greeting. Know ye that I Elias Cook of Georgetown in the County of Lincoln Yeoman for and in consideration of the sum of thirteen----- Pounds ten shillings well and annually paid by Edmund Grover Row of Georgetown aforesaid Yeoman the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and am therewith fully satisfied and contented do hereby remise release and forever quit claim unto the said Edmund Grover Row his Heirs and Assigns all my Right Title and Interest in and to a certain Tract of Land on Parkers Island in said Georgetown containing Seventy five Acres or thereabouts bounded as followeth viz; beginning at the Southeasterly Corner of Thomas Stevens Lot thence west to a certain mark'd Tree to Jeremy Speny Lot thence North by east ninety four rods to Ebenezer Olivers Land thence East to Sheepscutt River thence Southerly to the firstmentioned Bounds with the Appurtenances. To have and to hold the same to him the said Row