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folio 177 (October 12, 1789 meeting)


  the Letters from the Ministers of Boston and Judge Sullivan; said Committee to report at the adjurnment of this meeting.
Voted & choose for said Committe
  William Lithgow jun. Esq.
  Henry Sewall Esq.
  Nathan Wesson
  James Carr
  Jason Livermore

to adjurn this meeting to Monday next at one of the Clock in the afternoon to meet at this house- being the 12th of October 1789.

meet agreeable to adjurnment --

Voted to Choose a moderator as Mr. Ballard was out of Town to reglate this meeting.
Voted & Choose Mr. Samuel Bulling
Voted to accept the Reporto of the committe as reported & now on file in the Town Clerk office.
Voted to choose a Committe of three to carry the above report into Execution.
Voted & Choose for said Committe, Will Howard Esq. Mr. Nathan Wesson & Mr. Noah Woodward