Hallowell Town Records (Original)
Town of Hallowell Officials
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 175 (Oct 6, 1789 mtg)   176 (Oct 6, 1789 mtg)   177 (Oct 12, 1789 mtg) 



folio 175 (October 6, 1789 meeting)

  To Thomas Fillebrown Constable of the Town of Hallowell
25 In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are required forthwith to notify & warn the Inhabitants of said town Qualified by law to vote in Town affairs to meet at the meeting-house in said Town on Tuesday the sixth of October near at two o Clock afternoon for the purpose of considering & acting on the following articles Viz.
1st To choos a moderator for said meeting.
2d-- To see if the Town will join with the Church & Mr. Isaac Foster in calling an Ecclesiastical Council in order for a rehearing of the growth of controversy betwin this Town & Mr.Foster.


To see if the Town will agree to submit all Demands relative to the civil contract between the Town & the said Mr. Foster to referance mutualy chosen for that Purpose

4th To see if the Town will choos a Committee or an agent to manage said Business in behalf of the Town.
5 To act on any other matter relative to Mr.Foster that the Town may think proper.