The Official Story
Chapter 4

More suits and countersuits

Henry Sewall appealed to the higher court in Pownalboro. When he was denied a continuance, he finally paid the fine to Foster.

The Sewalls then took Foster to court.

Henry Sewall's diary entries for April 26 and May 1, 1788 show that Henry's cousin Thomas Sewall, who'd rented a house to the Fosters, sued Isaac Foster for back rent. He won the case and collected three shillings plus costs.

Again, the situation escalated. Take a look at Henry Sewall's diary eight days after Thomas Sewall won his case. You can see that Isaac Foster turned around and sued Henry and Thomas Sewall for defamation -- for a second time. This time, Henry paid a Mr. Blake three dollars and two thousand wooden shingles "to procure evidence against Mr. Foster.". Several weeks later, Mr. Blake returned with depositions

What did Martha have to say about these suits?

Foster sues the Sewalls
The Rev. Mr. Foster's relation with the town was steadily deteriorating...

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Sewall v. Commonwealth
Lincoln County Court of General Sessions of the Peace
June 5, 1787
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June 5, 1787 Page 238

Lincoln Ss. At a Court of General Sessions of the Peace held at Pownalborough within & for the County of Lincoln, on the first Tuesday of June, being the fifth day of said month, Anno Domini 1787
William Lithgow Esqr. Joseph North Esq.
Thomas Rice Esq. Esqr. William McCobb Esq.
Jon Bowman Esq Henry Dearborn Esq.
Nathan Thwing Esq Francis Winter Esqr.
William Lithgow Jr. Esq John Merrill Esq.
Abraham Preble Esq Moses Davis Esqr.
Tim. Langdon Esqr. Robert Page Esq.
Jed. Jewett Esq Waterman Thomas Esqr.
Ezekiel Pattec Esqr.

The Names of the Grand Jurors impannelled and Sworn are as follow, viz.
Mores Copeland. Foreman.   David Plumer.
Samuel Brier Jabez Robinson
William Springer. Samuel Stinson
Zebulon Preble Noah Woodward
John Lemont Esq. Caleb Turner.
Cornelius Turner. Sam Greenleaf.

Henry Sewall of Hallowell in the County of Lincoln Esqr. Appellant from a Sentence given against him by Joseph North Esq. a Justice of the Peace within and for said County, upon the Complaint of Isaac Foster of said Hallowell, Clerk, brought, and presented in behalf of the Commonwealth against the said Henry, before the said Justice, in the following words, to wit, "For

Sewall App.