Henry Sewall's Diary
Sewall, Henry
1776 - 1842
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October 12 through October 21, 1786


  October, 1786.         Hallowel.
Thursday 12. -- Mr. Eaton & Mr. Lane called and gave me the reason for their laying hands on Mr. Foster -- viz. that he did, in the most solemn manner before the council, profess to hold fully to all the cardinal points in the Calvinistic scheme of divinity -- & also gave a full account of a work of saving grace on his own soul!!!!!. If he speaks truth he is a christian!
   Uncle, Mr. Kneeland, is returned.
Friday 13.  
Saturday 14. Made mortar for plaistering my stair case.
Sunday 15. Met -- a few of us -- at Esq. Pettingill's.
Monday 16. My brother helped me plaister my entry-way.
Tuesday 17. Smoothed the entry.
Wedsday 18. Joined Mr. Ballard & Dr. Cony at the house of the latter, making rates.
Thursday 19. d.o
Friday 20. d.o
Saturday 21. d.o