Henry Sewall's Diary
Sewall, Henry
1776 - 1842
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September 24 through October 7, 1786


  September, 1786.         Hallowel.
Sunday 24. Met at Esq. Pettingill's.
Monday 25.  
Tuesday 26. Moses and David Sewall arrived here from Bath -- bro't letters from my parents & my watch repaired.
Wedsday 27. Plaistered a chamber for Colo. North.
Thursday 28.  
Friday 29.  
Saturday 30.  
Sunday 1. Met at Esq. Pettingill's.
Monday 2. Mr. Foster arrived yesterday with his family, and two of his brothers.
Tuesday 3.  
Wedsday 4. Held a private fast at Esq. Pettingill's respecting the approaching event of Mr. Foster's ordination.
    Drew seven objections against Mr. Isaac Foster's doctrine, to be laid upon the Council Appd for his ordination.
Thursday 5. -- Presented Mr. Foster a copy of the objections.
Friday 6.  
Saturday 7. Helped about fixing the galleries in the meetghouse. Also yesterday aftern. Mr. J. Sewall, Mr. Kneeland also arrived --