Hallowell Town Records (Original)
Town of Hallowell Officials
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folio 94 (March 6, 1786 meeting)

  Warrant for March Meeting AD 1786 Cond 94
article &
13th To see if the Town will vote to give the Revd. Seth Noble an invitation to settle in this Town in the Work of the Ministry.
14th To see if the Town will accept of the alteration of the County road, - from burnt Hill to the Cosway Easterly of Mr. Samuel Comings.s.
dated Hallowell Feb.y 20th 1786.
Ephm Ballard } Select
Samu Bullin
Isaac Clark
Lincoln Ss.
  agreeable to the above Warrant I have Notified and warned all the Free Men in my district -- agreeable to Law -- to meet at the place and time appointed --
Hallowell March 6th 1786

Tho.s Sewall Constable

  Viz., Also another Warrant of the sameTenor and for the same purpose, was directed to Mr. George Bolton Constable for the Northerly district and Executed by him accordingly, and is put upon file with the above.