Hallowell Town Records (Original)
Town of Hallowell Officials
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Folio 92 indicates a plan to form a committee to procure a preacher. Folio 98 records a vote to appoint the town's selectmen to "said committee." And Folio 107 shows that Ephraim Ballard was a selectman in 1786 -- so as a selectman, he was on the committee.

 92 (Mar 6, 1786 mtg)   98 (Mar 6, 1786 mtg)   107 (Apr 10, 1786 mtg) 



folio 92 (March 6, 1786 meeting)

Hallowell Town Records (Original) folio 92 (March 6, 1786 meeting). Choose 'View Text' (at top) for faster download.